Winter/Spring - Unified Sports

Unified Club


Unified is back!

Unified is a great opportunity to get involved.  Unified is where students of all ability levels, students with and without special needs play and compete together, a ton of fun! 

Coaching Staff
Coaches:  Mrs. Williams [email protected] & Mrs. Wolrehammer [email protected]



Sport Registration


Sport Registration

IMPORTANT: CV's Final Forms Sport Registration Platform is not tied to our Online Payment Platform.  You will NOT be able to make payment through Final Forms. After registration you will need to go to our Online Payments HERE to pay fees.  



Athlete Requirements

   Proof of Physical Examination

          (less than 2 yrs old)
Physical Examination Form


            (Medical Insurance is required for all athletes. Contact the Business Office at 509.558.5119 for information on sport only medical insurance offerings if your student doesn't have insurance.)


  Pay All Sport Related Fees*
ASB Card: $35
              (one time, annual purchase - assessed during first sport/club registration)
           ○ Participation/Uniform Fee: $70
             (fee reduced to $10 for 3rd sport athlete joins)
           * Cut Sports:  Fees will not be assessed or due until cuts have been made on team. Fees must be paid prior to the first game/event.
           *Non-Cut Sports:  Fees are assessed after registration and must be paid prior to the first game/event.
Financial Assistance Needed?
Call/Email the Business Office at 509.558.5119, [email protected]




Rosters will be posted once teams are formed.



Practice Schedule




Game Schedules