The Theatre Department produces three main stage productions a year - a fall production, winter musical, and a spring production. It is the mission of the Theatre Department to promote excellence and professionalism in theatre performance, production and education through the Performing Arts.  Students with interest in acting, set design and construction, lighting and sound reinforcement, costuming and makeup will want to participate.  This may be take for Fine Arts credit for the acting cast members, or Technical Occupational Education credit for the technical staff.
Auditions will take place for individual roles the first week of each production and will consist of cold-readings, ad-lib exercises, and music and dance auditions for the musical.  


I have been thinking about our 20/21 season since March 13th when our musical was cancelled due to COVID.  I have worked with many agencies and my professional connections across the nation on how to still offer our students and patrons meaningful and enriching experiences that will challenge and propel the CVHS Theatre actors and Technical Theatre (CTE) students in their education and lifetime involvement in the Theatre Performing Arts.  Each project can be fully adapted at multiple levels considering our COVID circumstances.  It is my goal as CVHS Theatre Director/Coordinator to uphold our levels of production and artistic standards while at the same time offer students credits in the Fine Arts and CTE Technical Theatre and Design and a memorable experience in Theatre. 



The fall production will be two radio podcasts that will be prerecorded and then broadcast to the audience via the internet with a fee for the download of each show.   The first will be the week of Halloween with the original Orson Welles "War of the Worlds" 1939 script and another at Christmas.  Our Holiday offering will be three original radio plays and a regional premier for us.  The Eight Plays of Christmas by Julio Martinez” to be broadcast starting on Thanksgiving to kick off the Christmas season.  I have been working with industry experts at Radio Archives for guidance and input.  Students can perform the speaking roles via phone or the internet and then be edited into the overall program.  Technical Theatre students will work with Kevin Egeland/Theatre Manager, Daniel Urzika Assistant Theatre Manager and Duane Barnhart (professional radio DJ and sound engineer) on all sound effects, music underscoring and sound editing and development along with the final edit of the show for broadcast.  Students will do all the voicing with multiple characters per student via their phones.  Please plan on a wonderful nostalgic holiday experience for the entire family.  In consideration of current circumstances, these will be offered for no charge to our CVHS Families and our larger Spokane Valley community.


WINTER Production

The middle project (Winter Musical slot) will be taking Agatha Christi's "The Mouse Trap" and auditioning online and once cast we will begin remote rehearsals or small groups at school if we move forward in phases.  During this daily rehearsal process we will block the scenes, do assigned character development based on the Stanislavski acting method taught in our DRAMA one and two classes.  Once everything is rehearsed, we be filming a movie version in a black and white film format on location at area historic locations and we would do a similar podcast distribution if we cannot show it in person.  Technical Theatre crew members once again will help with sound effects, musical underscoring, lighting, recording, filming, set modification and production of the film.  This will also be Podcast free of charge to our audience members.



Our originally scheduled musical was to be “Camelot”.  It is a rather sad and dark show in content.  In light of dealing with COVID and the state of our society we will be changing it to   “Footloose the Musical”.  I do understand that this entire project might still be “off the table” due to circumstances and our progression through the phases by second semester.  Hopefully we will be back in some form with restrictions.  I have also sought out the social distancing guidelines from New York and will be as Theatre Coordinator preparing them and implementing them for our performing arts center if we are able to have audiences in any capacity.  If we are not able to do it in an audience setting we still have a virtual streaming option through the rental agency Concord Theatricals which is a different licensing agreement many theatres are pursuing presently.  We plan of revaluating the situation throughout the year and deciding what we safely can do to ensure a healthy environment for our students and patrons while at the same time offering our students the opportunity to perform. 


Thank you for your continued support of our CVHS Theatre students and live theatre in our community!