Art Club

Central Valley Art Club

Adviser:  Kyle Genther
Phone: 509.558.5204
Remind:  @cvartc

Art Club

Co-Advisors: Mr. Genther, Ms. Knisely, and Mrs. Wilkins-Pepiton

Art Club is a safe space to share your art, explore new art styles, and make new friends. It is also an opportunity for students to engage with art in ways beyond the regular classroom like setting up galleries in Spokane, painting large-scale murals in the community, interacting with local professional artists, creating sculptural art installations, and more! Join our Remind to get updates on contests, art scholarships, shows, special events, and even donuts from time to time! You can drop by art club anytime to work on your own artwork or make something new. 

*An ASB card and signed Pride-Honor Code are required.