Mental Health Resources

A recent U.S. Surgeon General report indicates that one in five children and adolescents will face a significant mental health condition during their school years. Supporting mental health in students can remove barriers to learning and shift focus to the success of the whole child. Mental health can be better defined as a person’s overall emotional, psychological, and social well-being ( This differs from mental illness.
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The CVHS counseling team has seven trained school counselors who intentionally loop with students for better support. That means students will have the same counselor for their entire high school experience. Our counselors can assist with crisis intervention, suicide prevention, individual counseling, group counseling and referrals. Students can fill out a request to see their counselor by stopping by the CVHS counseling center anytime.  
First Call For Help Spokane
If you or your son/daughter need someone to talk to about stresses or mental health concerns, outside of the school day or anytime,  our community provides a 24 hour hotline for support and guidance.

Suicide Prevention

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