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Instructor: Mike Elliott


Phone: 509-558-5167


The CVHS Choral Program consists of four choirs, each with its own educational focus and goals.  An ASB card and completed FamilyID are required for all Vocal Music classes.

  • The Symphonic Choir is open to all students without audition. Young students and students without the experiences necessary to work at the more advanced levels of other ensembles will learn and practice the skills needed to participate in the more advanced choirs.
  • The Women’s Chorus is open by audition to girls in grades 9 – 12 with intermediate level musical experience and vocal skills. Pedagogical focus is on problems associated with training the young women’s changing voice, and literature is chosen to develop those skills. The Womens’ Chorus will prepare those students for the more advanced demands of the Acappella and Jazz choirs.
  • The Jazz Choirs are open by audition to any students with the advanced skills and experiences needed to participate. Educational focus is directed less toward developing vocal technique and more toward exploring various jazz stylings and improvisational skills inherent in the jazz genre.
  • The Acappella Choir is the premier choral ensemble at CV. It is open, by audition, to students in grades 9 – 12 with the most advanced musical and vocal skills. Acappella Choir requires the highest level of commitment to rehearsing and performing.
  • Music Theory is offered as an Independent Study class and will allow students of all grade levels to study the basics of Music Theory. Teacher permission is required.
  • The CVHS choral program is very strong and well-respected throughout the northwest. Opportunities for student’s musical and physical development and growth are excellent and sequential so that there is a place for any student who wants to develop musical and vocal skills. Most choirs (especially Women’s and Accappella Chorus, and the Jazz Choirs) are year-long commitments with auditions mid-year being limited.