Head Coach: Alyssa Rasmussen                                                                                                      Assistant Coach:  Kristole Roseburrough                                                                                          Email:                                                                                              Phone:  558-5100

Remind Code:  @20202021cv                                                                                                        Google Classroom:  id2q3y6

The primary responsibility of the cheer squad is to promote and uphold school spirit and pride at CVHS. Squad members are responsible for a wide variety of activities during the fall and winter season. Cheerleaders participate in pep assemblies, The Greasy Pig, Stinky Sneaker, The Battle of the Bone, and community service projects. Students who are interested in dance, gymnastics, stunting, sports and performing in front of a crowd should apply.                                                     

Tryouts for the cheer squad are held in the spring and judged on academics, administration/staff recommendations, and performance skills.  Candidates must be currently enrolled in grades 9-11 at CV, have a minimum of a "C" average, and must be passing all classes in order to participate.

Squad members must attend summer camp and are responsible for the cost of camp, ASB card, individual uniform items, and fees. The squad participates in several fundraisers to pay for school-owned uniforms. The cheer team also holds two mini-cheer clinics a year for girls ages 5-12.

Squad Members must complete the same eligibility paperwork as a sport and a current physical is required for all cheerleaders.