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Class Registration Process

CVHS Course Registration Instructions for 2023-2024:

  1. Future Bear 8th grade students will register with high school Counselors during the week of 3/6-3/10.

    High School Registration - Choosing Classes for 9th Grade
    Future Bear Nation Student & Parent Info Night Presentation

    Current CVHS 9th, 10th and 11th grade students: Watch the "High School Registration" presentation (shown during Advisory)
    High School Registration 2023-2024
  2.  Join the Google Classroom for your graduating class (student access only):
    Class of 2024: class code plcdwpw
    Class of 2025: class code lj2fzbu
    Class of 2026: class code gfqla24

    Class of 2027: class code mnps62g
  3. Review Options in Course Catalog
    Online Couse Catalog Here
    Course Catalog
    Click HERE to learn about which Math class to take.
    Click HERE to learn about which English class to take.
    Click HERE to learn about which Science class to take. 

    Supplementary CTE Course Information Videos: (check out these videos to learn more about some dynamic CTE course options)
    Biomed Year 1 Principles of Biomedical Science
    Biomed Year 2 Human Body Systems
    Introduction to Game Development
    Computer Science Principles
    Graphic Arts
    Cyber Security
    Language Arts and Tech Literacy
    Intro to Sports Medicine and Athletic Training

  4. Submit Course Requests in PowerSchool
    Login to your student PowerSchool Account on your Chromebook, PC or laptop.
    Submit your course requests under "Class Registration". 

    PowerSchool Instructions can be found here
  5. Turn in Planning/Course Request Form by February 28th
    9th Grade Planning Form
    10th Grade Planning Form
    11th Grade Planning Form
    12th Grade Planning Form
Additional Program Information:

Central Valley Virtual Learning

Spokane Valley Tech Program Offerings

New Tech Skills Center Program Offerings



Contact your CVHS Counselor:

Class of 2024: Kate Miller | [email protected]

Class of 2025: Michelle Rogers | [email protected]

Class of 2026: Mary Naccarato | [email protected]

Class of 2027: Heidi Averett | [email protected]