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Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is the most exciting team science competition in the world! Much like a football or soccer team, Science Olympiad teams prepare throughout the year for competition. Each team brings 15 students to competition. The first competition is held locally in March. From there, the top three teams go on to compete at the State Tournament and from there to Nationals. Two students may compete in each of the 23 events which include everything from Astronomy to Rocks and Minerals to Human Biology. A pair of gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded in each event. A few of the events require the students to build something -- a balsa wood airplane, an electronic vehicle or a rambling robot -- in advance. Most of the events are lab experiments or questions that two members of the team work on together. Students that love problem solving and hands-on science love Science Olympiad! An ASB card and signed Pride-Honor code are required.