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National Honor Society


Advisor: Cari Nielsen

Email:  [email protected]

Phone:  509.558.5176


National Honor Society helps students continue in the development of skills in leadership, service, scholarship and character. Scholarships and college entrance are possible benefits to its members. 


Membership in the Honor Society at Central Valley High School is by application only, and applications are accepted for Honor Society every year in the Fall.  Not all who apply will be guaranteed acceptance.  A faculty panel screens the applications and makes the decision; the NHS advisor is not included in this panel. The CVHS Principal has the final say for all applications/dismissals. 


Requirements for admission include 3.5 or higher cumulative GPA, community service and leadership activities, and at least one semester at CVHS. Students must be sophomores, juniors, or seniors. Freshmen are not eligible for National Honor Society. Members in middle school honor society do not automatically become members of the Honor Society at CVHS. If students transfer from other schools with active National Honor Society Memberships, those memberships will be honored at CV, and students will receive a one semester grace period to meet CV’s membership requirements.


In order to wear honor cords at graduation, members of Honor Society must meet the requirements each year and pay their annual dues ($8).  Students must also have ASB membership. Once a student is a member of honor society, they remain a member as long as they continue to meet the requirements (there is no need to reapply).  Students must continue to meet the GPA and other membership requirements each year to remain active members and be eligible for honor cords at graduation.  If a member fails to meet membership requirements, they will be given a one semester grace period to remediate before dismissal. 


Membership requirements also include completing 10 hours of community service per year, attendance at at least 50% of NHS meetings, and participation in at least one NHS sponsored service activity.  


Academic Letters

Students may apply for an Academic Letter after they are accepted as a National Honor Society Member.  Requirements are:  

  • 3.6 or higher cumulative grade point average
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation
  • 20 hours of  verified community service
  • Rigorous academic schedule
  • ASB membership


Community Service requirement: For the 2022-2023 school year, honor society members must complete 10 hours of community service to maintain their membership (20 for an Academic Letter). Community service is any kind of volunteering for non-profits or charitable organizations. It cannot be paid, and it cannot be for a business or for-profit organization. Students must have a note or get a form signed by the supervisor verifying their hours and upload this as proof of their service onto our Community Service Google Form on Classroom. The supervisor cannot be a parent or relative. If you have questions about what counts as community service, please contact Ms. Nielsen at [email protected].


Google Classroom for current, accepted members: lur5ktj

Remind for current accepted members only: @cvnhs2223


2022-23 Faculty Council:

Mrs. Beal, Mrs. Pfeifer, Mrs. Ekstrom, Mrs. Tomlinson, Mrs. Williams

Admin Advisor: Mrs. Campbell