Free Summer Meals for All Kids (Ages 1-18)

McDonald Elementary, 1512 S. McDonald Rd.
Opportunity Elementary, 1109 S. Wilbur Rd.
Riverbend Elementary, 17720 E. Mission Ave.
North Pines Middle School, 11900 E. Broadway Ave.
Monday–Friday | June 23–July 14
• Breakfast: 8:00–8:30am
• Lunch: 11:45am–12:30pm

Mica Peak High School, 15111 E. Sprague Ave.
Monday–Thursday | June 23–July 27
• Breakfast: 10:00–10:30am
• Lunch: 11:45am–12:30pm

Spokane Valley Tech, 115 S. University Rd.
Monday–Friday | June 23–July 12
• Lunch: 11:45am–12:30pm

USDA’s Summer Food Service Program:
or call 1-866-348-6479 to find a site near you
There is no registration or fee. Children may come all or any days they wish;
meals must be eaten on site. Parents are encouraged to come with their
children. Parents may bring their own meal, but cannot eat any of their child's
meal. Summer meal programs help children get the nutrition they need to learn,
play and grow. Join us for meals at a site near you!
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