Spring - Track & Field

General Information


Central Valley High School is continuing the convenience of online Activities & Sports forms completion through the FamilyID website.  FamilyID is a secure forms completion platform that will provide you with an easy, user-friendly way to complete forms required for CV sports & activities.  FamilyID helps us to be more administratively efficient and environmentally responsible.  When you (the parent/guardian) sign-up through FamilyID, the system keeps track of you and your student’s information in your secure FamilyID profile.


SPIRIT PACK ORDER: The spirit pack is something that our seniors put together.  It includes sweatshirts, sweat pants, t-shirts, shorts, hat ,etc….  It is not required but it does allow you to order what you want.  For the kids that  have no track and field gear, this is a good time to order.  Parents are welcome to order items also.  You can also share them with family, friends, relatives, etc…. who are interested in having CV gear.



Boy's Information


Follow @CVTRACKFIELD on Twitter for more up-to-date information


Practice Schedule

2:45 pm – Athletes who need a locker need to see Coach Freeman

3:15 pm – Report for attendance

3:30 pm – Practice (athletes will be instructed where to go)

5:00 pm – I’m hoping to be done by this time, it may go until 5:30 pm for some of the guys


Practice Schedule for Poor Weather / Tourney Schedule

6:15 pm – Team Meeting in locker room

6:30 pm – Attendance Lines in main Gym

6:45 pm – Warm up (we will teach the kids what our team warm up looks like)

7:15 pm – Event Practice (we will break into event groups – kids will be instructed where to go)

8:30 pm – Athletes dismissed  


Girls Information



Because of the crazy weather, there will be a few days where we have inside practice in the gym and the field house.   The spring sports coaches have divided up the gym space allowing for everyone to get some time in a temperature controlled environment. Hopefully next week we can be outside, but if we are going to do another night practice I will let you know ASAP.  Also, we wouldn’t ever do a night practice without telling the kids a couple of days in advance.  If we get unexpected inclement weather we will hold practice at the normal 2:45 time and make use of the building.




Track – Boys

                Var – Chuck Bowden                      cbowden@cvsd.org       

                Var Asst – Jason Allen                     jallen@cvsd.org               

                Var Asst – Karl Freeman                kafreeman@cvsd.org

                Var Asst – Alan Wardsworth        awardsworth@cvsd.org


Track – Girls

                Var – Geoff Arte                               garte@cvsd.org

                Var Asst – Alan Wardsworth        awardsworth@cvsd.org

                Var Asst – Jason Allen                     jallen@cvsd.org

                Var Asst –