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Washington Drug Free Youth (WDFY) members make a pledge to be drug free and prove it by submitting voluntary random drug tests throughout their membership. WDFY members receive a membership card for special incentives including merchant discounts and activities to students who continue to submit clean drug tests. Membership is completely voluntary and is open to the general student population at CVHS. The message behind the voluntary drug testing is one that needs to be heard by teens today: not everyone is using drugs, and many students have committed to living drug free lives. With the increase of people texting and driving, distracted driving, the legalization of marijuana in the state, and the number of traffic deaths that occur nationwide, WDFY has added educating our CV youth and community about making positive life choices regarding these issues. WDFY gives students who have made positive choices an opportunity to make a statement to their school and their community. All members must submit to an initial drug test.

Join today! See advisor for a membership application.