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Online Class Expectations Email Sent 5.4.20

CVHS Families, 


As we begin our third week of distance learning we have to say how proud we are of our students and families!  Our attendance and participation has been great and we appreciate the engagement of so many with our staff.  Our teachers really enjoy engaging with you!  Feel free to reach out to them if you need additional support or have questions.


In order to maintain a positive and academically sound experience for all, we have a few guidelines that we ask all teachers and students to abide by.  Please read through these with your student.

·         Students should mute their microphone when entering a class and during class time, except when they are called on to speak or are directed by the teacher to turn off mute.

·         Virtual class time works best if all students keep their video feed on, so that the teacher can see students.  If you are not able to have the video feed on, just email your teacher so he or she knows.  They want to see you!  Additionally, please refrain from wearing masks or face coverings that do not allow your teachers and peers to identify you.

·         Remember to treat the virtual classroom the same as you would a real classroom.  Avoid talking while others are talking, stay visible during class time, and participate positively.  If you are logged in your teachers will be calling on you and interacting with you so please stay in class.


We are doing a great job, Bears!  Keep it up!


Enjoy your week, 


CVHS Administration

Email to CV Families from 4.21.2020

Dear Central Valley High School Families,

Our Continuous Learning schedule kicked off yesterday and we had an amazing turnout of online students. Thank you for your support! I have attached the CVHS Continuous Learning Guidelines for your review. I apologize in advance for the length of the document but feel it is important that you have all the information to stay informed as we continue in this new type of learning. Please know we understand that many of you have unique situations and we will continue to work to make accommodations for every student and family.

As a reminder, this model is not intended to replicate the kinds of experiences or instructional pace that has been established in our high school classrooms. Our Continuous Learning  model will have an approach where the time, structure, and topics may vary from a typical classroom sequence.  Our goal is to engage high school students in online learning while continuing to pay close attention to their respective social and emotional needs. 

Please remind your student to continue to check their individual online classrooms and their CVSD356 Gmails for specifics on teacher office hours and help sessions. Lastly, it is important that your contact information is up to date in Powerschool. This includes addresses and emails. For changes, please contact Angie Ranniger at aranniger@cvsd.org.

Warm regards,

Kerri Ames, Principal 

UPDATE - 4.22.20

Due to OSPI's grading directives, dated 4.22.2020, please disregard the "Grading Specifics" in the Continuous Learning Guideline document, and refer to the Revised Grading Policy - Mandated by OSPI document instead.  


Here are step by step instructions to show you how.
If you are using a Smartphone, download the Gmail app from your app store, configure with your CVSD Gmail email (i.e., 123456@cvsd356.og). DON'T FORGET TO ADD @cvsd356.org after your student ID number!  Then enter your student date of birth password.  

Google Meet Cheat Sheet

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