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Future Business Leaders of America
Advisor: Mr. Kevin Proszek, [email protected]

A professional student organization that is available to all students at CV in grades 9 through 12. Make new friends, have the opportunity to travel, attend social gatherings, involve yourself in community service projects, and participate in regional, state and national leadership conferences and competitions. Potential employers are looking for people who have been dedicated to a group such as FBLA.

There are State and National dues each year. There are additional costs for qualifiers to state and national competitions. There is fund raising to help cover travel expenses. An ASB Card and a signed Pride-Honor Code are required.

 FBLA Awards at Regionals Results:

Network Design

4th place - Lilian and Vivian Miller


Computer Problem Solving, 

Lilian Miller, 4th place

William Adamson, 2nd place

Jackson Tucker, 6th place



Lilian Miller, 2nd place

William Adamson, 3rd place

Jackson Tucker, 4th place

Vivian Miller, 5th place



Neha Kommareddy, 3rd place

Personal Finance

Neha Kommareddy, 3rd place

Securities & Investments

Neha Kommareddy, 1st place


Networking Infrastructure

Lilian Miller, 5th place

Jackson tucker, 6th place


Impromptu Speaking

Sarthek Shrestah, 3rd place